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We Are A Notable Private Label Bag Manufacturer

As a globally-acclaimed private label bag manufacturer & supplier, we, Bag Manufacturer USA, specialize in creating the best as per the specifications and desires of our business clients.

We support your dream to offer refreshing pieces to your customers, something that will have a personal touch of your own, and for this, we along with our expert team of creative professionals make sure that you get the ultimate wholesale private label bag pieces from us.

Because of our dedication and hard work, we are trusted by private label business owners all across the globe and have been able to earn a good reputation. Bulk order now and we will make sure to surprise you with a never-seen-before inventory.

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How We Help You Achieve A Groundbreaking Private Label Bag Collection

Since bags are an integral part of life, these days it’s not just women but men too want quality and innovative designs, and because of this, we understand your need to grab the finest collection for your valued customers. To help cater to the increasing demands, we not just create extraordinary logos, tags, and labels for your bag business but also offer end-to-end customization so that you call each piece truly your own.

Our substantial catalog consists of travel bags, messenger bags, school bags, laptop bags, gym bags, and more— all constructed out of superior materials and fabrics. They are durable, easy to carry, and lightweight. Choosing the style that you want to customize, just drop a mail sharing your wholesale l plans to the 24/7 available support team and we will see to it that you get your private label bags order in lesser time than expected and at your preferred location.

Pre-production samples are offered on bulk orders.

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The reasons why we are chosen by thousands of private label businesses

Faster To Market

No matter how soon you want it, we, the leading white label bag manufacturer in the USA, can fulfill all your bulk needs on time.

More Economical

We have a proven record of making countless private label brand owners happy and content with wholesale private label bags.

Reduced Time & Energy

As the top private label bag manufacturer in the USA, we handle production from start to finish, you don't have to worry.

Ethical Production

Our ethical approach gives private brands peace of mind that their custom bags align with their brand values.

We have helped many clothing businesses to grow

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    What you get by selling private label bags

    wholesale bag manufacturer usa loyal customers
    A loyal customer base

    You can completely control your brand image and how your customers perceive you with your private label brand. You get to decide what styles, colors, prints, and features to offer to retain the existing ones and attract new customers. When you partner with an experienced private label bag manufacturer like us, you get more effective suggestions on how to build a loyal customer base.

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    Increased margins

    Private label bags can help you increase your profit margins. As you are the only brand owner and seller, you can set the prices and make a higher profit on each bag sold. You do not act as a mediator. This is one of the best benefits of selling private label bags for emerging business owners. Additionally, since you are in complete control of your brand, you can use simple marketing tactics to drive demand and sell more items at a higher price point.

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    Distinctive identity

    By building your brand with us supporting you at every step, you can separate yourself from other businesses in the industry. It will help you to expand your business. Also, as you will be in total control of setting your brand image, brand positioning in your niche and form a solid reputation for quality and value. This can make it convenient for you to compete against already established brands.

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    Environment-friendly Production

    Sustainability is the need of the hour and as more and more people all around the world follow the ‘eco-friendly’ path, we play our part in the creation of the bags by using only ethical techniques. So, give your customers private label bags that are made by our healthy and contented workers following green business practices at our factories.

    Choose Bag Manufacturer USA As Your Private Label Bag Maker

    When you connect with us, our ace team of design professionals, coming with unparalleled expertise and years of experience take care of all your wholesale needs. No matter how intricate your custom designs are, we have unconventional facilities in our factory. Sourcing only supreme materials, we always offer high-quality bags. And above all, being in this industry for a long time period, we not only do business but make lasting relationships with our clients. So, if you choose Bag Manufacturer USA, then we can give you a guarantee that you will never get disappointed.

    The MOQs set by a manufacturing hub, high or low, can have a crucial impact on your inventory. They can affect the space available in your warehouse, the frequency of your purchase orders, and the number of days you hold stock. If you are a small business owner or someone who is just getting into the industry then consider going for lower MOQs.

    We provide an attainable MOQ to make the experience of bulk buyers convenient and unforgettable.

    • Choose from various types of quality fabrics and materials
    • Select from different colors, prints, cuts, and styles
    • Pick from a diverse range of add-on bag features like multiple pockets, compartments, padding, straps etc.
    • Opt from numerous finishing options like zippers, buttons, clasp, magnetic, tuck and push closures, etc.

    The bags created by one manufacturing company but sold under the name (as in with logos, tags, and labels) of another businessman are called private label bags. These bags can also be customized fully as per the wish and business requirements of a private label business owner.

    After you arrange your finances and do the initial business planning sessions – take it slow but steady. First, come up with a brand name and bag designs. Once you are ready, you can look for a reliable private label bag manufacturer who can make the bags as per your business needs and designs. After they are delivered to you, you need to set up your store and arrange them nicely in it. To reach out to more people in less time, take the help of unique yet easy marketing strategies.

    The best marketing tactics for private label bags are running a contest or giveaway when you are actively taking up the first brand-building exercise. Then make a good use of relevant social media platforms, influencer marketing and try varied digital marketing services. If you don’t mind spending a little money, then you can also go for paid ads.

    Our Bag Manufacturing Process

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    Fabric Selection
    bag customization
    bag cut and sewing
    Cut & Sewing
    bag brand labeling
    bag packaging
    bag shipping

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