The Hottest Handbag Trends For 2019

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  • June 26, 2019

Micro-mini handbags and totes have had their proverbial fifteen minutes in this year up till now but that trend has long gone to the dogs and now oversized handbags are emerging as the freshest handbag trend for 2019. The micro-minis were cute and all but they failed to accommodate all that women needed to carry and soon gave way to oversized handbags which can carry all that you want and beyond. Already trending in fashion circles after finding the public endorsement from celebs and style icons around the world, these bags give a perfect balance to the slim and sleek silhouette. Here are some of the other trendiest hand bag styles that are likely to remain fresh all through 2019.

Chain Straps

Retro handbags with chain straps and metal hardware is likely to be the next big trend for the year. Even though straps of all kinds and styles were all over the place leading into 2019, the gold and silver metal straps have an allure of their own which has caught the eye of the designers.

Animal Prints

The animal prints have never gone out of vogue for the seasoned fashionistas but this year trends show that you may have the liberty to go beyond than just leopard or tiger prints. Cow, cats, snakes, animal prints created by bag manufacturer in usa are all over the place and have taken the trend to a different level altogether. No matter what you wear, you can’t go wrong with a larger animal printed handbag this season.

Bag Manufacturer in USA

Bucket Bags

These bags never seem to go out of the trend because they are so versatile and rank so high on the glamour quotient that it almost makes them near-irresistible. Since they are available in a multitude of bright colors and rainbow prints from custom bag manufacturer usa and around the world, they can effortlessly spice up your outfits.

Embossed Leather

Bags with an embossed leather texture have a luxurious feel that can never go unappealing or that is what the trends will have you believe. A multitude of leather handbags have hit the stores this year which have the captivating embossed leather texture and spectacular designs, that are likely to remain fresh and trending all through 2019.

Printed Tote Bags

Tote bags have great functionality and when they are covered in fun and vibrant colors, they make for a very natural choice for fashion and doesn’t undermine their great functionality either. This season is likely to be extremely print-heavy which augurs well for printed tote bags.


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