Essential Features To Keep In Mind Before Investing In Wholesale Bags

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  • April 3, 2020

Retail customers who want to expand their accessory business and want to invest in trendy bags for their store need to keep certain aspects in mind. The fabric, design and the purpose. These three essential features are exactly what you need to lookout for when investing in the wholesale collection of bags from one of the popular custom bag manufacturers in the industry. Hence, to help you with the same, we have divided the blog into two sections – the first section being all about the material and the second section is about the ideal design. Hence, read on the blog below to know more about the same.

Wholesale Gym Bags

The Material –


Many people prefer canvas bags due to their light weight and lower cost as compared to leather. They are made from linen fiber or cotton which is tightly woven to increase its durability. These bags are of high quality and highly resistance to tear and wear.


Nylon fabric is mostly used for curating gym bags for the fitness enthusiasts. They are designed with fashionable designs and colors. Hence, these bags are a super favorite amongst the millenials as it is available in lightweight variants which makes it a must-have for the gym.


This bag is available in expensive wholesale rate than canvas and nylon one. There are some modern leather bags which are designed with a special waterproof compartment which separates the wet swimsuits from the other clothing. One should look for a bag that is resistant to scratches and water repellent.

The Design –

Single compartment

The single compartment bag works well as a weekender bag too. You can even get backpacks with a single compartment which is ideally designed keeping in mind activities like short hike trips, road-trips, etc.


Hiking bags or camping bags are made with a waterproof outer-shell hence are also known as waterproof bags. These bags are a blessing in disguise as it prevents the bag from getting wet hence zero possibilities of mildew as well.

Roller wheels

Bags with roller wheels are perfect for those case when you have to carry a lot of stuff and don’t want to put too much pressure on the shoulders. Backpacks, laptop backs, school bags and even gym bags are available with roller wheels.

Hence, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is get in touch with one of the popular gym bag manufacturer in the industry. Browse through the ever growing catalog that the supplier has in store, select the required pieces by checking out the MOQ. Make sure to drop a mail to the help team stating the bulk requirements for the same.

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