Make Your Cosmetic Bags Organized Using These Tips

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  • November 26, 2020

Keeping a cosmetic bag bought from popular cosmetic bag manufacturers put in order not only makes it look good, but it aids make getting things simpler as well. There is more to sort out a cosmetic bag than just keeping it tidy and clean, nevertheless, you have to realize what to bring and what not to bring. If you stuff too much into your bag, not only will it disorganized and cluttered easily, but you also danger ruining the stuff inside it.

Tidying your bag

Baring your bag. Spread out a towel on your counter so that it doesn’t get filthy. You can use an old shirt or sweatshirt rather than a towel. Open up your cosmetic bag, then unload everything out onto your towel.

If the bag is filthy inside, you must swab it with disinfecting wipes. If you can’t get the bag spotless, think of getting a smaller cosmetic bag with a vinyl lining, plastic, or nylon.

Take away any trash and expired or broken makeup

This comprises stuff such as used wrappers, tissues, dirty Q-tips, and makeup sponges. If you have any cosmetic that is expired or makeup (usually post six months), throw it out too.

Jot down the color and brand of whatever cosmetic item you are throwing so that you can put it back with the same product.

Clean your cosmetic brushes and cases

Take out some disinfectant wipes, then use them to clean up any grime or dirt from your cosmetic cases. Clean your brushes using brush cleaner or some water and gentle soap. Take some time to hone your pencils as well.

If you don’t own disinfectant wipes, use a paper dipped in rubbing alcohol rather. Make sure to set your brushes out on a tidy towel to dry.

Arrange the things into groups

Put all of your foundations into one group, your lipstick into another, your eyeshades into a third, and so forth. This will aid you to notice how many of every item you have inside your bag.

Keep all your brushes in one group. If they are still in the process of drying, leave them on the towel. If you just have one palette of blush and one palette of eyeshade, you can keep them in the same group. On the other hand, sort your cosmetic into three piles, an everyday use stack, a frequent-use stack, and a seldom-used stack.

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