Messenger Bag Guide For Men

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  • January 21, 2020

Messenger bags need little to no introduction. One can come across one anywhere in an urban environment these days. As far as styling options are concerned, they are one of the earliest hipster staples. These bags are a safe bet for men when it comes to picking a fashion accessory that is both cool and practical. They come in a variety of sizes but are normally large enough to contain a man’s most commonly used belongings, from his course books to can of spray paint, to his new generation Mac Book Air as well as Beats by Dre headphones.

Bag suppliers brought these bags came into fashion almost a decade ago when they effectively plagued cities all around the world, From Milan and London to Seattle and NYC, to Sydney and Tokyo.

The different types of messenger bags for the guys

The camera bag

You don’t essentially have to be a photographer to sport this style of messenger bags. You will get one large inside compartment alongside several mini inner and outer pockets. These were all first designed to contain numerous transfer cables and chargers that most contemporary DSLR cameras come with and batteries, lenses, flashlight as well as other accoutrements.

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The multi-compartment organizer

The design of these bags was encouraged by utility workers, and by the bags usually worn by fishermen and hunters. Their external pocket makes it simpler than ever to systematize and keep your possessions within reach, which makes such a bag perfect for new dads out and about with their young ones.

The saddlebag

Saddlebags are very similar to that of satchels, but they are set apart by the round shape of their flap in the front. Formerly, this design was introduced to make the bags simpler to sport by horseback riders. These days, it is just there because it looks hip.

The military bag

Versatile, rugged and rough, military bags are stimulated by real army items. They are more or less made of canvas, but cal also comprises leather elements, as well as text in military, inspired fonts and badges. They have many pockets, both on the inside and outside, and generally come in camouflaged green color or khaki. The key design traits for this type of bag are practicality and durability.

Retailers who want to add to their profit margin this year can start dealing in wholesale messenger bags. All you need to do is go through their vast collection and pick the designs you think is hip and place your bulk order.


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