The Best Spring Handbag Styles That Has Created A Buzz in The Market

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  • April 25, 2019

If you peek through a woman’s handbag, you can pretty much figure out her lifestyle and personality. The bag style is an easy giveaway of her personal aesthetic as well as fashion preferences. With the commencement of the spring season, many different types of handbag styles have been introduced in the market. Thus, private label bag manufacturers are producing such pieces that will definitely make the customers happy.

The collection basically consists of pieces which are a part of the revival trend, modern yet edgy designs as well as smaller versions of bigger utility bags. Hence, if you want to include such bag in your store, make sure to have a look through the blog.

Tear drop

The teardrop shaped bag that looks like a woven basket has emerged in fresh colors and a unique modern design. These are super easy to carry and are spacious enough for a phone, lipstick and cards. These bags can be styled with everything as long as you nail the color co-ordination basics. These are also a favorite red carpet accessory of your favorite A-listers, hence make sure to invest in these.

Grand-mom resurgence

In 2019 fixing your make-up on the go will become easier. Thanks to the manufacturers, the new collection also includes such bags that has a structured shape and an attached mirror on the flaps. Hence you don’t have to worry about a blotch of red or blue that can ruin your make-up. Although these bags are feminine in vibe, you can still opt for the dark monochromes if you want to pair them with pants.

Custom Bag Manufacturer USA

Candy-coated croc

Until last year crocs were a thing of passé. But here we are not talking about the ugly shoes, rather the croc skin patterned bags that are created a buzz among the millennial women. You can find these season appropriate bag in a range of seasonal hues like pastels as well as light tones. A fresh break from the otherwise bold and earthy tones, these bags are easier to style for a brunch as well as dinner as long as you’re maintaining the spring fashion vibe.

Baby duffle

The spring favorite baby duffels are the example of the fact that any large bag silhouette can be transformed into a smaller version and be still as utilitarian. These are available in a flurry of designs like floral, botanicals, classic psychedelic as well as pop solids. Take a break from the earthy tones and opt for some fresh spring designs that would look excellent with your blooming season wardrobe.

Marbled Acrylic

Hard box bags are no longer reserved for red carpets or special events. You can now pretty much style it with your casual mom-jeans as well. These clutch sport a marble like color theme either on the handles or on the surface of the entire bag. The unique box shape is peculiar to its unique design which lends it a structured look.

Retailers who want to include trendy ladies handbags in their stores, can get in touch with one of the popular custom bag manufacturers USA. All you need to do is browse through the unique collection of bag that the manufacturer has in store and based on your specific needs, place the bulk order accordingly.


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