The Duffel Bags: Origin, Materials, Styles, And More!

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  • February 7, 2024

Today, one of the most versatile bags that one can own is a duffel. You can take these bags wherever you want. They are perfect for the gym, weekend getaways, and even as an additional accessory for your next beach trip! Do you know you can even use them for your essential gear storage?

The word ‘’duffel’’ originated back in 1677. Initially, it was used to describe ‘’a coarse woolen cloth having a thick nap or frieze’’. The first recorded use of the word duffel to describe a bag is in a poet’s letter (E.E Cummings) who used to serve as an ambulance driver during World War One. Have you heard of the famous First World War song, ‘’Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag’’? It almost refers to the usage of a duffel. It was a bag perfectly suitable for wartime conditions. American and British servicemen heavily used duffel bags in various designs and sizes during the Second World War.

In the modern days, usually engineered from a soft material like leather or cloth and featuring a zipper closure, they are crazy popular among both men and women. The bag manufacturers make them available in a large variety of colors and styles.

If you are keen to know about this popular holdall bag in detail, read on!

Materials That Are The Best For Making Duffel Bags:

Duffel bags can be crafted out of various materials and some of the most popular ones are:

Transparent PVC :

The reinforced walls allow for easy and safe storage of your items and these bags are great for camping, gym, and other group activities.

Nylon :

Waterproof and lightweight, nylon is considered to be the best material by most people. You can use one as an overnighter or a dance bag as well.

Polyester :

A lightweight material, polyester helps keep the duffel bags shrink-and-crease-free. Polyester duffel bags resist mildew and abrasion as well.

Leather :

Tough, durable, and classy, the duffel bags that are crafted out of leather are something. They give a luxurious touch to your look and are ideal for your upcoming road trip or next weekend adventure.

Canvas :

As it is strong and won’t succumb to wear and tear over time, canvas is almost every bag maker’s favorite duffel bag material. The best part about canvas duffel bags is you can wash them easily.

Most-Loved Duffel Bag Styles:

The duffel bag styles that are always in demand are:

Cooler duffel bags – These bags are crafted from a soft material like polyester or canvas. If you wish to carry your lunch in something bigger and better, these bags are the best.

Backpack duffel bags – Characterized by a long carrying strap that sits crossbody while carrying the bags are the backpack duffel bags. These bags are also available with two straps and are best for students, military, and individuals using public transportation.

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Vintage duffel bags – The vintage duffel bags can serve as your ideal companion for everyday use or traveling. Featuring an ‘old design’, these cylindrical bags are preferred for their exceptional storage capacity and ease of access.

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Waterproof duffel bags – If you are thinking about going camping or visiting the beach, you can pack your stuff inside a waterproof duffel bag. Commonly crafted out of rubber or vinyl, they can bear even the most extreme splashes.

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Trendy Duffel Bag Outfits

For Men

  1. If you wish to make a chic style statement with a contemporary outfit, you can do so with the help of a navy crewneck sweater and a bold-colored duffel bag. How about getting a little creative in the shoe department? Add a pair of black and red leather low-top sneakers to the mix.
  2. To create a super simple yet classy outfit, use a tan bomber jacket, a striped button-down shirt, and shorts along with a crisp white duffel bag. Put on canvas slip-on sneakers as the finishing touch.
  3. For a neat casual getup, use the combination of an olive-green military jacket and a black duffel bag. To smarten up your attire, add brown suede casual boots.

For Women

  1. If you want a casual outfit that holds to the highest sartorial standards, a navy and white varsity jacket and a duffel bag are a compulsion. For a touch of class, consider completing your ensemble with brown suede pumps.
  2. Thinking about creating off-duty attire? Use a white tweed jacket and a printed duffel bag. Introduce pink leather pumps to the mix to bring some additional glam to your look.
  3. To get a both casual and practical look, wear a dark green open cardigan, a white tee, and dark wash denim jeans, and carry an indigo-blue duffel bag. Use tan leopard suede pumps to make the getup classier.

How You Can Accessorize Your Duffel Bag

Add accessories such as a leather wallet, keychains, or luggage tags to enhance your duffel bag’s style. These little details can elevate the overall appearance of your bag and showcase your unusual personality.

Using A Duffel Bag As A Carry-On – Is It Possible?

Yes, you can use a duffel bag as a carry-on. However, you should make sure that the weight and size of the bag meet the specific restrictions on carry-on luggage by the airline. Also, consider the shape of the bag as some airlines have restrictions that may affect the usability of your duffel bag.

Going for a duffel bag that is specially crafted for travel can make a huge difference in practicality and convenience. Choose a bag that is roomy enough to hold all your essentials.

There are certain advantages to using the best carry-on duffel bags. They are fashionable, travel-light, easy to clean, and flexible. They also help you to maintain a professional look.

What To Know About A Duffel Travel Bag

A long cylindrical pouch that is compact enough to fit under a train seat or a bus trunk is a duffel travel bag. It’s the most suitable bag for all kinds of trips. They are made with different kinds of materials and are flexible, lightweight, spacious, and easy to carry.

Take note of these three prime tips to get hold of the finest duffel travel bag:

  1. Go for a waterproof and long-lasting material such as nylon.
  2. Choose a bag that is spacious enough to hold all your belongings.
  3. Opt for a bag that not only comes with handles to hold them but shoulder straps as well. Make sure the zippers and stitching of the bag are strong enough.

Sustainable Duffel Bags

Constructed to have a minimal footprint on the environment, sustainable duffel bags are eco-friendly creations. Bag manufacturers use a blend of natural and recycled materials along with low-impact dyes to produce their bags. Wondering about the look? Don’t worry! The duffel bag suppliers make sure that you don’t have to compromise on fashion for sustainability. You can find these bags in never-seen-before hues, prints, cuts, and sizes. They let you show off your fashion sense all the while caring about the planet.

With an ultra-fashionable look and so many benefits, duffel bags are a remarkable accessory. Stock some wholesale duffel bags from a reliable bag manufacturer and you will find a friend for almost a lifetime!

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