5 Useful Tips That Make Carrying Your Trekking Backpack Smooth

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  • January 15, 2022

There are many trekkers who feel that carrying a trekking backpack is difficult. In fact, some even go asking for a porter! They are often observed grimacing in pain around their shoulders by the time they reach the camp. Though carrying a backpack is not that difficult as it is made to be as backpacks these days are designed in such a way that the weight gets distributed across the hips and shoulders. In fact, a reputed backpack manufacturer in USA brings an amazing collection of lightweight, highly practical backpacks. So the real reason behind this pain is the build up of lactic acid in the muscles and not the weight of the backpack. How to get rid of it?

Follow the 4 useful tips below to carry your backpack smoothly next time.

The Backpack Should Be A Snug Fit

Learn how to use and carry your backpack to reduce the pain. A backpack should fit you like a glove so that the center of gravity stays as close to the hips as possible. While on a trek, it shouldn’t be dangling lopsided from your shoulders. Fasten your backpack in such a manner that it fits snugly on your back, particularly around the hips. Strap it securely so that even if you jump up and down nothing wobbles.

Shoulder Rotations Help In Better Blood Circulation

During a trek, an easy way to disperse the lactic acid is to exercise your shoulder muscles frequently. There are a number of exercises for this but an easy rotatory movement of the shoulders can help in dispersing the lactic acid. If these exercises are done periodically, it can make a trek pain free and enjoyable.

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Get A Trekking Pole

To reduce the soreness, trekking upright is the best thing to do. Though a backpack fitting you snugly does the job, still carrying a trekking pole ensures that you don’t bend forward too much, particularly when climbing uphill. The effort you make here does the trick as this slight correction in the center of gravity reduces your fatigue to a great extent.

Make Proper Use Of The Hip Belts

An effective backpack technique which most trekkers miss out is the use of the hip belts. It is very important to keep your backpack a snug fit. You just have to secure the belts around your waist in such a manner that there is little gap between your lower back and the backpack.

Don’t Offload

Trying to carry your own backpack reduce the number of mules or porters hired on the trail. This in turn means, lesser fuel burned, lesser energy consumed and lesser waste generated. When you spend a few thousand extras on the porters, it does add a luxurious touch to your trek but at the same time, it greatly increases the ecological impact on the trail.

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