Essentials For The Perfect Camping Trip This Summer

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  • July 15, 2020

Spending a week in the great outdoors can be an amazing escape from the lock down blues. However, a good or bad camping experience comes down to just one factor, what you packed (or didn’t pack) for the trip. Having the essential camping items in your backpack can mean the difference between a restful vacation among the trees and a ride to the hospital. Hence, bag manufacturers have designed such functional camping backpacks that are perfect for escaping to the wilderness. Meanwhile, lets’ read on to know more about the essentials of the trip!


A tent can shield you and your gear from unforeseen environmental factors. Whether you opt for the best two person tent or a larger cabin-style tent, make sure you bring along all of its necessary accessories, rope, tent poles, stakes and a rain fly.


Water is essential for survival in the great outdoors, and the further off the beaten path you go, the more quickly it seems to run out. You can even keep a filter or water purification tablets on hand in case you have to refill from a nearby stream.

First aid kit

It’s unlikely you’ll experience a life-threatening injury while camping, but even a long day of hiking can result in blisters and cuts that require bandaging. Small scrapes and cuts can quickly become infected if left untreated, so keep bandages and antiseptic on hand.

Navigation tool

If your camping itinerary calls for hiking in remote areas, don’t go without a map and compass or GPS. Constant changes in the sun’s position can make forest landmarks seem unfamiliar, causing hikers to become disoriented.

Flashlights and lantern

A campfire may be nice and bright, but only for about six feet in any direction. If you need to locate an item within your tent or visit the latrine during the night, a portable, battery-powered light is invaluable. Many campers tout headlamps as the best option because of their hands-free functionality.

Toilet paper

Bark and leaves make poor substitutes for latrine duty in both comfort and hygiene, and a chapped backside can make sitting painful. If you’re camping in the deep woods and concerned about the environmental impact of using toilet paper, purchase some that’s biodegradable or take a refuse bag for disposal.

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