How Can You Keep Your Backpack In (Almost) New Condition?

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  • November 19, 2020

Is your bag been on tough walks with you? Is there a reek of moldy lunches? Or is it just showing the day-to-day blotches of commuting in the town?

If you clean it by hand or use a washer, revive your backpack to its true state by checking the backpack manufacturer’s directions and following simple care tips.

Preparing Your Backpack

Remove any loose soil from outside. Use a wet cloth or a brush to clear any loose soil from your bag. You wouldn’t want any wreckage to be mixed in when you clean your bag. Do not rub any mud or oil further into the cloth.

Remove all loose threads. You may well have loose threads from around the straps and zippers that are vulnerable to grabbing or further damage. Cut loose threads to make sure that no further damage is done to these areas.

Collect the cleaning materials. Based on how dusty the bag is, you may need to find particular cleaning agents to get rid of stains. For instance, you may need a fat remover or a particular remover for the sticky substance. You will even need a toothbrush to wash your backpack info.

Measure the size of your bag. Backpacks are available in different shapes and sizes. Assess whether your bag can be fitted to a washing machine or whether it needs to be washed by hand. If the label says so, you may have to go to a professional to get it washed.

Empty your pack. Check all pockets in case you miss any spare change or small objects. You wouldn’t want to wash a big thumb drive or ruin any jewels because you haven’t checked each storage carefully. Dirt can be trapped in the creases, so use your vacuum cleaner’s hose.

Keep the pockets unzipped and flip the backpack inside out while you vacuum each inch of the stuff.

Use the washing machine

Drop the attachments. Any of the bags may well have a metal frame, belts, or external storage areas. Pull the metal frame so that the washing machine is not damaged. If you have detachable straps and other attachments, be sure to check the tag to determine how best to wash them.

Pre-treat all stains with a paint remover. If you are using a natural cleaner or a big brand, do not use a cleaner that can bleach or impact the shades of your backpack.

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